Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014

74. Last Day

I'm so sorry especially for my grandparents, who won't understand this post in English, and everyone else, who has trouble translating, but I just don't have the head for thinking in German right now. There are too many other thoughts going through. 
Today is the last day of my exchange year. My parents are coming tomorrow and then it's over. Even though it's not my last day in America and I'm not flying home until June 28th, the exchange part is over, because the trip with my parents, starting tomorrow, is more vacation. But in this post I don't wanna bother you guys with all my feelings and stuff since I already did that in the last posts... And besides that, I'm gonna write more about that when I'm back in Germany. I rather want to talk about my last days since school is out. I pretty much met another friend every single day since then to enjoy a last memory with them. On Saturday I also went to a goodbye party from my Thai friend Kayli. It was a lot of fun! I actually wanted to do something like that too, but I decided against it since I didn't have enough time to plan it anymore and my friends rather wanted to meet me individually. So I went to a lot of coffee-breaks, sleepovers and movie nights in the last days, and it was definitely worth it. Some of them even gave me small goodbye gifts and I was so blessed, because I did not expect anything like that at all! I'm so glad about everyone I met during this year, and they all became really close to me. My host family finally bought the trailer, they were dreaming about and I have to say, it's pretty cool. On Sunday we went on a "Camping-Day" in a little town about an hour away. We didn't spend the night or anything in it, but instead we went hiking and then relaxed and had lunch inside the little trailer. It probably doesn't sound very exciting, but it was... except for the heat which piled up inside. 
Today I started packing since I already leave the day after tomorrow, and my room is literally just a mess right now! Unbelievable how much stuff you can collect in a year. But I'm pretty sure everything is gonna fit in my two suitcases and then I also have a little bit of space in the bags of my parents. One tipp for future exchange students though: don't ever start a scrapbook. Not sure if I already mentioned it, but it was the worst idea, cause it takes half of my second suitcase... Well other than that I'm actually proud of me; I didn't buy as many clothes as I expected I will! 
My dad just texted me that they are on their way to the airport in Germany. Unbelievable. I'm starting to get really nervous (but in a good way) and of course super excited for tomorrow: finally I see mom and dad again - after almost a year!! I probably won't get any of my eyes closed tonight... Tomorrow I'll meet Inga, my German girl, clean the house and spend a lot of time with my lovely host family. I plan my parents to arrive around 8 at our house... Will keep you updated on our Westcoast-trip, which starts Friday in San Francisco! ;-) 

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